CRC Industries

Cleaners and degreasers

A wide range of cleaners and degreasers dor specific needs of various industries.

CRC Ferrokleen

Cleans painted and bare metal surfaces contaminated with rust, oil, crude, grease, algae, lime, tar and organic sediments.

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Eco Foam Cleaner

Water based, heavy duty, multipurpose foam cleaner and degreaser for use on food processing equipment. Compatible with most plastics.

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Screen TFT

Special cleaner for TFT screens and LCD displays. Screen TFT is a water based foam cleaner without any solvent, alcohol, white spirit or ammonia.

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Rost Flash Pro

Rost Flash Pro loosens all kinds of threaded parts, hinges and sliding parts ensuring penetration of active liquids. Rost Flash Pro is free of silicones and acids.

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Radiator Clean

Radiator Clean is a product designed for use in all cooling systems. It contains surfactants, acid neutralisers, corrosion inhibitors and additives in water.

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Glass Clean Pro

CRC Glass Cleaner Pro is a blend of surfactants, additives and solvents designed to clean efficiently without leaving a film

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CO Contact Cleaner

CRC CO Contact Cleaner is a unique, plastic safe, scientifically formulated, technically proven, stable, inert high purity cleaning solvent

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Carb and EGR Cleaner

Carb and ERG Cleaner quickly dissolves carburetor deposits, providing faster starting and smooth idling.

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An innovative solvent blend without chlorinated solvents especially designed for use on food processing and packaging equipment.

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QD Contact Cleaner

Suitable for cleaning sensitive electronics without leaving a residue. Evaporates quickly and is safe to use on all plastics.

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Contact Cleaner

The non-chlorinated, nonflammable, plastic safe formula is an optimal alternative to CFC, HCFC and flammable contact cleaners.

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Formulated to quickly & effectively remove grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils & other contaminants.

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Complex Blue

An multi-purpose cleaner, containing a blend of synthetic and natural surface active components for general industrial maintenance.

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Kontakt PCC

KONTAKT PCC is a special cleaner for removing flux remains and dirt on printed circuit boards.

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Heavy Duty Degreaser

Effectively removes grease, oil, tar etc. to increase operating efficiency of equipment.

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Lectra Clean Heavy Duty Electrical Parts Degreaser

Effectively removes contaminants to increase operating efficiency of energized electrical equipment.

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Corrosion Inhibitors

A wide range of products designed to prevent and fight rust/ corrosion.


CRC Zinc Primer

A zinc phosphate based, fast drying protective primer for metal surfaces. Zinc Primer fights rust and gives longer lasting interior and exterior corrosion resistance to topcoats.

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Copper Paste Pro

CRC Copper paste pro provides high temperature anti seize lubrication which protects against corrosion.

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Battery Terminal Protector

CRC Battery Protector provides a dry, lead- free protective coating that keeps moisture, salts and road grime from corroding metal contacts.

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Copper Paste

CRC Copper Paste is an effective anti-seize formulation, preventing metal-to-metal contact, seizing, galling, and fretting corrosion.

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3-36 Multipurpose Corrosion Inhibitor

A versatile petroleum based compound multi-purpose product which lubricates, protects, displaces moisture, and cleans.

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2-26 Multipurpose Precision Lubricant

Plastic safe lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor that helps prevent electrical malfunctions caused by corrosion.

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SP-400 Corrosion Inhibitor

Long-term indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor that provides protection of all equipment subject severely corrosive atmospheres

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3-36 FPS

A multipurpose corrosion inhibitor which forms a thin, almost invisible and long-lasting protective film against water and oxygen.

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Precision Cleaners

An extensive range of products designed for cleaning sensitive materials and electronics.


N.F. Precision Cleaner

A unique non-flammable blend for electrical- and electronic equipment. It is an effective and high purity cleaner to meet today's environmental and safety laws.

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Battery Cleaner with Acid Indicator

Battery cleaner with acid indicator instantly detects leaks and neutralizes acid. It also Removes corrosion by-product

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Specialty Products

A wide range of specialty products by CRC Industries for keeping the equipment up and running.

White Lithium Grease

Provides long lasting lubrication with excellent water and heat resistance and film strength in any weather or temperature. . Ideal for all metal to metal lubrication.

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Urethane Isolation Red

CRC Urethane Coats provides an air curing conformal urethane type coating that insulates, seals out water and moisture and acts as a barrier for contaminants.

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Urethane Isolation Clear

CRC Urethane Coats provides an air curing conformal urethane type coating that insulates, seals out water and moisture and acts as a barrier for contaminants.

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Urethan 71

Air drying one-component polyurethane-alkyd resin coating, URETHAN 71 is a transparent protective coating for printed circuit board, having excellent insulating properties.

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Robosure provides excellent protection of welding robots and all surrounding equipment, against welding spatters. An ideal alternative to traditional solvents.

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Plastik 70

PLASTIK 70 is a low viscosity, solvent drying acrylic based conformal coating with excellent insulating properties. The lacquer is colorless transparent and elastic

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Gasket Remover Pro

CRC Gasket Remover Pro is a blend of powerful solvents, formulated for a fast removal of gasket cement, adhesives and sealants.

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5-56 Pro

A multipurpose toolkit in a can that lubricates, loosens seized and rusted mechanisms and protects against humidity.

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Dry Lube

CRC Dry Lube is a fast drying, fluorotelomer dispersion of particles of PTFE .It's most effective where low speeds and light loads are involved.

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Graphit 33

GRAPHIT 33 contains a high level of pure and fine graphite powder. It's a thermoplastic binder with electrically conductive graphite powder.

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A multi-purpose penetrating and lubricating product that breaks through rust and corrosion, displaces water and cleans away scale and dirt.

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Belt Grip

CRC Belt Grip is a synthetic polymer based formulation that meets the demands for an industrial and food processing plant belt dressing.

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Galva Brite

Galva Brite's weathering aspect equals hot dip galvanization, making it an excellent touch up for damaged galvanization.

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Galva Shine

A single component, coating with the lustre look of pieces coming straight out of the Hot Dip galvanizing bath by forming a flexible protective film.

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High Temperature Grease

CRC High Temperature Grease is a high performance EP (extreme pressure)-lithium complex grease based on high quality semi-synthetic oil.

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Chain Lube

Advanced, high-performance, synthetic lubricant providing excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subject to severe loading.

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Smart Washer

A broad range of products for effectively removing contaminants or debris from work pieces.

SmartWasher SW-37 Mobile Heavyweight Parts Washer

Effective for parts cleaning in preventative maintenance & repair facilities and industrial manufacturing plants.

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SmartWasher SW-23 Mobile Parts and Brake Washer

This bioremediating unit eliminates the expense and liability of hazardous waste removal.

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Spatter Release

A range of quality products for effective release of spatter after welding.

Easy Weld Pro

CRC Easy Weld is an odorless spatter release based on biodegradable oil. Does not contain silicones, allowing most post operations.

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Anti Spatter for Welding

CRC Anti Spatter for Welding is an advanced technology water-based lubricant that provides a quick and efficient coating to prevent welding spatter.

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Non Destructive Testing

The CRC Crick system detects in a quick and reliable way, small cracks or failures in welding seams without destructive testing.

Crick 130

A quick drying developer, for the non-destructive testing of surfaces and structures. Crick 130 is a dispersion of a white powder in a fast evaporating solvent.

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Crick 120

CRC Crick 120 is a water washable liquid penetrant based on special hydrocarbons, with high boiling point, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and dyes.

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Crick 110

Crick 110 is a fast drying, powerful degreasing solvent blend free of chlorinated solvents for the removal of dirt, grime and contaminants.

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